Where to Watch Korean Dramas in America

You can form a strong opinion about Steven Avery’s guilt / innocence / hair choice. You’ve probably seen so many “Fuller House” that you can fully describe the contours of John Stamos ’handsome face. But regardless of how many binges you watch, there’s a big chance you’re missing out on some of the best TV shows in the world – Korean TV Shows.

Korean dramas (also called K-drama) are the most popular addictive television series in Korea. And whether or not you need to use subtitles to understand a series, watching Korean dramas can help you learn Korean.

With the abrupt closure of DramaFever, fans of dramas in Korea have suffered a severe setback. DramaFever offers great streaming options for dramas in Korea.

However, all is not lost! There are still many great options to get your fix of your favorite shows in Korea.

With 12 handy resources for watching Korean dramas, you will always have plenty of Korean content to enjoy.

Why Watch Korean Dramas?

In Korean dramas, all vocabulary is introduced in context. When words are presented in context, it’s easier to understand how to use them in real life. Yes, watching great Korean TV shows is a great way to dramatize your surroundings in the best possible way. Not only are you riding the emotional roller coaster you’ve been looking for, but you can improve your Korean language skills along the way.


Korean video is always attractive because it combines listening skills with images that help you understand what you are listening to. However, Korean dramas “call” to a whole new level, allowing you to combine your Korean studies with extreme situations and difficult situations.

Enough for any Korean student to drop everything and continue studying. And thankfully, with everything the internet has to offer, compulsive learning shouldn’t stop. The six resources below can give you all the drama you need.

First of all, K-dramas do two things for Korean students. K-dramas are rich with drama and comedy, and can even offer in-depth commentary on modern life and society in Korea.

In that way, they can be more than just entertainment: K-dramas have become fruitful lessons not only in the Korean language, but also in Korean culture. With so many K-dramas to choose from, you’ll find one that improves your Korean skills and entertains you along the way.

Not sure which K-drama to watch? Then we recommend that you watch the following video on how to learn Korean the right way with Kdramas.

where you watch Korean drama & movies

Korean dramas and movies are popular with global audiences for their simplicity and entertainment value. The Korean entertainment industry has brought the world to the so-called “Hallyu” in Korean, which means a wave from Korea. Not just Asians, the love for Korean dramas has also spread to the American continent. Korean dramas are now available to watch on international websites like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc. But there are some popular South Korean Korean drama sites where Korean drama can be watched for free. K-Drama and movie fans are constantly searching for sites like kocowa roku, viki, ondemandkorea roku, etc. If you have a favorite Korean drama that you want to watch online for free, you can visit the most popular entertainment sites.

Koreatechdesk.com is listed among the top three most popular websites in Korea where you can watch Korean movies and popular K-dramas without interruption online for free and with English subtitles.

Viki s the service owned by a Japanese company Rakuten. It is a website for Korean drama that offers over 1,100 K-dramas and Korean variety shows, including popular ones “Boys Over Flowers,” “Suspicious Partner,” “My Love From the Star,” “Descendants of the Sun,” “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” “Pinocchio,” “Fated to Love You,” “To the Beautiful You,” “The Great Doctor,” “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” “She Was Pretty,” “Oh My Venus” and “While You Were Sleeping.”

1. Viki

2. iFlix

3. Netflix

4. Kocowa

5. Hulu

6. AsianCrush

7. Toggle

8. OnDemandKorea

9. KBS World TV

10. Viu


While Netflix has a lot of high-quality content to offer, your Netflix subscription is limited to your country of residence. If you want to watch Korean movies and TV shows, or if you are a fan of Korean dramas but do not live in South Korea, you will not be able to access Korean Netflix. Unfortunately, there is a way to watch Korean content on Netflix, regardless of the country you’re streaming from.

Korean shows and movies have become popular in recent years, especially Korean drama series, also known as K-drama. While there are other streaming services that you can use to watch Korean content, Netflix offers more than 4,000 Korean titles, most of which can only be found on Netflix.

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